A poem I wrote, visualized with DALL-E Mini

A long time ago, I wrote a love poem.


by Vivian Liu

I know why they write love stories in the constellations.

There is romance in the heavens, just like there is down here. Lonely bodies drift through busy galaxies, until one-by-one they fall in step with the orbit of a companion.

A planetary ballet.

Don’t we fall in much the same way for each other? As the moons do for their planets, and the planets do for the sun, heartbeats wrenching and twirling in new gravities.

When it begins it’s lovely.

Our mercurial days tamed to calmer tempos.

Hearts halogen with excitement.

And we remember that even though we are just kinetic species of carbon and hydrogen,

There is something about the way we,

matter to each other in ways beyond just matter.

Recently, I visualized it with DALL-E, using phrases from each line to prompt the images.